The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification vs Universal Navigation …

Mark J. Wagner shared a memory. 6 hrs ·

Space NASA footage precisely reflect the function of the human brain, where data is quantified within diverse degree of animation;
Static >) { ) Interactive.

I insist on the notion, that human race, individually as well as collectively is animating reality within and beyond the boundaries of our civilization via interconnected electromagnetic network, spectrum of light, quantified Energy… .

In addition, human is receiving complete spectrum of quantified data, yet, awareness  is animated by a narrow fraction within data projected and received . This is, de facto, a prediction that additional, powerful possibilities (senses) will emerge as frame of awareness expands… .

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

Paradigm >)=(< Energy  of Colors;
Colors are propagated within Energy >+< Density >+< Matter, yet, Earth’s animation within palette of colors is oscillating within Energy of Light.

Energy of Light;
)> the intensity of electromagnetic radiation, wavelength, vibrancy depth is animated by motion, yet, distance, where at certain sequence colors project diverse vibrancy (Spring, Summer, Autumn), while during the Winter, Earth becomes colorless, due to the narrow depth of vibrations <=> radiation.

In addition, powerful coupling between Energy from Space >^< Earth’s Inner Core is at play, where human is animated within powerful sources of quantified Energy … .

Human frame of awareness is expanding, due to the projected, diverse, quantified, compatible data, yet, Energy is  navigating human within Unification with the source of animation <=> Unification within Energy Orbital Data Animation… .

( }Frame Energy Potency  >=< Frame of Awareness { )
UNiversal Energy >=< Universal Man Animation … .


On April 21, the 2012 Lyrid meteor shower peaked in the skies over Earth. While NASA allsky cameras were looking up, astronaut Don Pettit aboard the…

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