The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification vs Universal Navigation …


Light is virtually assembling Density >+< Matter together along with temperature. Exposure to Energy is animating (welding) together compatible elements >+< projected animations. This is a fine moment of Universal engineering which also animate biological interactive existence, de facto, human being.

The precision within animation is fantastic, due to the compatibility within Energy projected quantum engineering.

(image an old kitchen woodbaord).


Next picture is showing fragmentation within compatible projected Energy, de facto, Densities >+< Matter. All animated fragment fit perfectly and indistinguishable once assembled.

Please remember, what you see and experience is the same Energy within quantified animation.



From this experiment we can than provide interesting conclusion that specific string path of light, spectrum, is assembling densities, as well as matter.

In addition, this experiment is also proving that 3D is also quantified within electromagnetic vibrations: White Light ^ R>G>B )>) kinetic layers … .

3D reality is composed within compatible vibrations, string paths within string paths, we describe as spectrum of light <(*)> layering within electromagnetic vibrations, where specific vibrations within spectrum changes its vibration/wavelength, which can and does become a different entity within frequency.

3D reality is quantified, yet, data is constantly transforming, while animating within and beyond frequencies.

Nothing is static within Universe, this is an essential property of an Energy… .

That’s why we can describe proximity within 3D animations <(reality)>, yet, precise description is unattainable due to the changes within frequencies… .


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