The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification vs Universal Navigation … .

Water <=> Inanimate Density
Light x Inanimate Matter

Once kinetic Energy animate inanimate Density than Matter is projected as well into Universe … .
Energy> + < Density > + < Matter <(*)> UNiverse
Energy x Density <=> (Kinetic Density x Matter)2

Water represent neutral state and is animated by projected Energy <=> Energy within Water project precise mechanism of the Universe as we know it … .

Energy <+> Water <=> Kinetic Water

Quantum Reality propagate Universal Reality, yet, Universal Reality animate Quantum Reality … .

*Reality vs Awareness
Awareness is a physical state oscillating within Energy <+> Density <+> Matter
Quantum Reality is aware, yet, Quantum Awareness navigate within Universal Reality … .

Universal Animation is propagated within Quantified Animation )> this is the essence of Reality as well as awareness. Reality is quantified as well, yet, reality animate projection of many faces. This is, de facto, precise mechanism which animate nano scale as well as biological projected scale within 3D, where whole animate singularity, yet, singularities propagate Whole.

Energy project interactive self awareness, yet, Energy fragmentation quantify awareness as well into static awareness, and subsequently static awareness is animated within biological interactive awareness;
Interactive awareness <+> Quantified Awareness <+> Quantified Interactive Awareness <+> Interactive Awareness)*> Universal Synthesis … .

Awareness is not exclusively associated with human, yet, is projected within relation of Quantified Energy vs Energy <=> Energy Interactive Awareness ( } * {) Universal navigation within propagated physical states of Energy … .

(Static nano awareness < +/_ > Interactive awareness )*> Universal navigation within propagated Space, which animate Universal projection … .

Awareness is beautifully embedded within kinetic properties within Spectrum of Light

What is animating Universe ? Energy, kinetic animated projection within inanimate water vs animated water … .

Space is propagated within Energy, yet, kinetic Space animate UNiverse (path toward the light) … .

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