The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification vs Universal Navigation … .

Universal Animation; 
<^> External Energy Spectrum/Radiation <+> Water <+> Lens Effect <+> Animation <+> Internal Energy Spectrum/Radiation <^>

Human is composed primary with water, as well as diverse elements, de facto, star dust, energy quantified within specific physical states.

Today,  by chance I discovered in the bathtub that resonant waves (primary sound waves) project sounds,  which are undetectable, while above the water level. But that’s  is not all.

Water (in this experiment) is far more conductive than air, yet, resonant waves are detected and recognizable. Resonant waves manifest specific and organized  data,  received by our senses. Human body  in this instance is navigating as a receiver of data, as well as collector of data, de facto, entire body.

Water is projecting classic functionality of Lens Effect.


Water  is absorbing resonant waves, spectrum of data, undetectable on open air. Resonant waves, quantified energy, data encounter water, in this instance lens effect, which transform data into a precise, specific set of information.

Water is the essence of life, yet, its property is embedded within Universal engineering, de facto, Intelligent Design.

Human body is animated by various types of energy, de facto, spectrum of energy. Human body detect, absorb and collect resonant waves, diverse data from space, as well as from the inner core. Human body, among other functions manifest physical lens along with its functionality we describe as lens effect, where Universal spectrum,  particles and energy is penetrating  Earth from space,  as well as from within, Earth’s inner core.


Human body project ultimate Universal navigation system, which detect, absorb, collect data and transmit energy as well. The difference between more and less sophisticated Universal animations is determined by an ability to process entire spectrum of energy, which navigate Universe with embedded data. That’s why approximations within specific kind doesn’t determine path toward accelerated sophistication, in this instance human, Universal animation composed and formed to perform.

Water than manifest profound quality allowing absorption and collection of  data along with precisely formulated lens effect.

Specific, precise functionality of water within lens effect allows transition from one physical state to subsequent physical state.

Water  was formulated for Universal performance, where origin of existence became possible due to data absorption, collection as well as conversion.

Biological Blueprint of the Universe; woman’s womb animate life by various functionality, yet, detection of quantum energy via carriers, such as  resonant waves, lens effect (womb), collection of data, de facto,  propel existence.

Water represent specific string path, where transformation of data, energy, including data absorption, collection as well as conversion is super efficient, Divine.


In addition, scientific lab designed to detect  spectrum of energy, even the most illusive projections, particles, shall be located under water, environment, which not only detects energy, but  is also intensifying  projected spectrum, same as resonant waves in a bathtub, after all,  oceans, seas, lakes are bathtubs of life.

Depth of the particle, energy detection lab plays essential role to grasp radiation such as relic radiation, or so called inanimate energy (dark matter), particles which are projected on the border between <^>Energy <+> Density <+>Matter, the essence of life, either unaware as well as aware.

If water is essential to animate higher order, interactive existence, than all answers shall be there as well.


Water and animated lens effect  … .

<^>Energy  <+>Resonant Waves <+> Water )< (*)>( Lens Effect <+> Temperature

* Temperature is essential with regard to absorption and conversion of data
<^> Energy <+> Spectrum of Energy <^>

* The motion of Milky Way, galactic kinetic sequence is animated within subatomic kinetic performance and vice versa, where
<^> Energy <+> Densities <+> Kinetic Animation > +/_ < Universal Animation /based on reference point,  Universal Navigation sequence <^> Energy
* Kinetic Nano Scale <+> Kinetic Galactic Scale <=> Universal Animated Projection
Kinetic Dispersion <+> Kinetic Unification >< Universal Compatible Opposites … .
Wave < > Particle Duality <=> Transition  ∧∨ within animated states;
<^> (Energy) <+> (Density) <+> (Matter)… .

* Nucleosynthesis is animated via compatibility within progressive physical projections, including Compatible Opposites <+> Energy <^>
∨ Sequence  ∧ Nucleosynthesis >=<+> Biosynthesis <+>=< Nucleosynthesis

*Quantum Animation propel Space Animation propel Universal Animation … .






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