The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification vs Universal Navigation … .

Is our civilization transforming the Universe through actions and attitudes, quantum energy within ?

I think we as a civilization have the profound influence on Universe.

To; Mr. J. Baggot, Mr. S. Hawking, Madam L. Randal, F. Wilczek.

Formation of Quantum Particles;
Energy >+< Density >+< Resonant Waves >+< Lens Effect >+< Molecule.

Speed of Light; speed of light is compatible with the inflation of the Universe in this instance 10/9 Kelvins indicate speed of light some seconds after the Big Bang. Speed of Light is parallel with velocity and can oscillate way beyond the average.

E=mc2 doesn’t include essential parameter, density, which ought to be calculated for more precise understanding of the Universe.

Question; Dimensions, how many ?
3D is the essential dimension, which animate any projection ( quite frankly parallel with Energy quantified into subsequent states).

Universal dimensional composition is animated and projected within Biological Blueprint of the Universe. Every human is composed within singularity multiplication, yet, dimensional singularity multiplication is, de facto, expanded into social dimensional multiplication. Besides singularity of dimensional composition, there are over 7 billions of dimensions; Biological aware… .

Dimensions are quantified as well.

The ultimate beauty is En3rgy, the essence with regard to diverse animated projections within Universe.

Harmonic Composition of Energy >^< the beauty is quantified and is projected within multiplication of beauty … .

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