To; His Holiness Pope Francis Friends who embrace Peace, Coexistence, Just Society …

Nazi is not a system, but a state of mind, be aware about discrimination, which can evolve into crime, crime into pathology, pathology into a system, which violate human rights on unprecedented scale.

We know history.

Yet, I wish to emphasize importance of being sensitive and vigilant, after all, pathology evolve into Nazi under specific circumstances.

We ought to recognize the fact that sophistication of violent acts evolved as well, and are not as transparent. Acts of abuse are hidden deep in science, psychology, argumentation, symbolism and profoundly accentuated, repeated demoralization, one step at the time until religion is stripped from life, social fabric is skillfully manipulated, family is broken. These are methods, which still exists and are being implemented on a daily basis.

And I am the witness of these methods, which degrade man from the very foundation of Creation… .

Be aware, be vigilant it’s abut the future … .

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