The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification vs Universal Navigation … .

UNiversal Kinetic String Path vs Space time.

Biological animation is embedded within kinetic projection, precise string path, defined by Universal animation within string path projected between <^> Energy <+> Density <+> Matter

Human animation, life span, is projected within diverse kinetic performance, de facto, velocity within Universal multiplication of string paths. Human lifespan, with regard to each and every person, in every instance, is different, while so called time represent constant, even while performing within kinetic string paths.

Every human being is animated within specific Universal animation, string path, unique projection, because is performing within unique to her or his navigation sequence in Universe. And time doesn’t follow Universal diversification, kinetic spectrum vs human being.

Every human is uniquely oriented while navigating within kinetic animations defined by <^> Energy <+> Density <+> Matter, that’s why human animation vs location in Universe is unique.
How than constant time can measure transforming Universe/Space.

The basic quality of <^> Energy <+> Density <+> Matter is electricity within electric field as well as electromagnetic field.

The quantification of <^> Energy <+> Density <+> Matter is clearly manifested while White Light is passing through Prism, than spectrum of light is clearly visible;

<^> Energy <=> White Light < Prism >+ Quantification of Light

>+ Quantification of Light >*< White Light <+> Spectrum of Light

Simplified Vortex of Matter (Black Hole) Sequence <Data>
>*< White Light > : < Spectrum of Light < : > White Light >*<

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