The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification vs Universal Navigation … .

Animated projection create latent image oscillating within 3D Universal Navigation Sequence;

Energy )< Source of Quantified Projection <+> Source of Quantified Animation
Energy )< Quantified Density <+> Quantified Matter

Universal Translation;
Simplified Model of Universal Compatibility within Quantified Animated Projection
Biological Blueprint of the Universe; (shapes, colors, sounds, densities, matter etc.)

(} * {)

3D Geometrical Translation of Sequence  <+> Mathematical Translation of Sequence
>) propagation of compatibility (<
Universal Compatibility is derived from Universal Quantified Animated Projection in any given projected scale  (every man is the key to happiness of another man).
Singularity dwell in whole, yet, whole dwell within singularity … .

To; Madam L. Randal

Intelligent Universe >+< Intelligent Universal Navigation ;
Intelligent Data <+> Intelligent Sequence <+> Intelligent World 

Universal Animated Projections <+> Universal Biological Diversity; 
Biological existence is quantified within diverse microorganisms, yet, projected approximations with regard to biological microscopic mapping  provide essential biological navigation within 3D quantified biological propagation … .

Quantum Molecular <+> Quantum Biological 

Biological Quantum;
Animated Projection <+> Compatibility (in any given scale) <+> Microorganisms … .

To: Mr. R. Dawkins; Who  is the man ?

Human project  Intelligent Universal Animated Sequence within multiplication of diverse proximity. Universal Data project logical animation navigating within any given/observed sequence, Divine, de facto … .



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