The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification vs Universal Navigation … .

3D — <) <*> (>— 3D

Light; propagation of light, de facto, electromagnetic energy, due to the Resonant Waves as well as Lens Effect represent potency of Data, de facto, spectrum of light populate Universal Animation.

Light is a source of Dynamic >*< Interactive Data <+> transformation within spectrum
of performance.

Frequency of light is also parallel with frequency of Resonant Waves in any given scale of Universal translation >+< Universal Frequency is quantified >+< Spectrum of Light <=> Visible Light <+> Invisible Spectrum… .

Universal Translation;
Geometry>++< Quantified Sounds (Music)>+< Quantified Spectrum of Colors
Human is composed from the complete animated Spectrum within Quantified Translations

Refraction of Electromagnetic Energy >+< Data

Light is propagated in any given direction including straight vectors, yet, light is being animated within projected paths in all geometrical forms as pictures illustrate.

Propagation of Light with regard to direction is defined by physical forces, quantified from the source of transformation, Energy within Density and Matter in 3D  Resonant Waves, Lens Effects.

Refraction/Diffraction (Bending) of Electromagnetic Energy as Quantified Patterns within Universal Data shall be included in Propagation of Light
(suggested source;

Animated Patterns within Propagation of Light;

sun in space
(Source: Solar flare EU HORIZON 2020)

(Source; Solar flare astro ufl edu)

(Source; Solar  flare NBC News)

jan09a-053-ab(Source; Jacob, Jonah, Vicky, Mark Wagner)

(Source; MJWagner)

(Source; Leonardo da Vinci, MJ Wagner)

Human project Dynamic Propagation of Light within animated Patterns;

Spectrum of Light  = 3D (Energy >+< Density >+< Matter) 

Light <+> Quantified Data within 3D
Electromagnetic Waves >+< Quantified

. . .

Universal Bonding (how it works) … .
Universal Quantum Mechanics within given scale of projected transitions;
Propagated Energy <+> Quantified Density >+< Quantified Matter
Propagated Energy
<+> Quantified Density >+< Quantified Matter <+>
Fine Quantum Mechanics
(within given scale of projected animated transformation).

.  .  .
Universal Bonding is possible due to the  <+> Permeability within
Energy >+< Density >+< Matter based on an animated transition between 3 essential states within Universal Animation.

Universe is in constant motion as well as transitions, where Energy is transformed, de facto, changing its state within diverse quantification sequences,  engineered projected multiplication.

The frame of animated bonding, read sophistication, is expanding, evolving into progressive, diverse compositions <*> Biological Blueprint of the Universe is proving this notion with all transparency and efficiency.

Why  animated bonding sequence exist, perform ?
Since the Energy was vastly quantified (initiation sequence), than an entire system of fragmentation is reversed into seamless Bonding (unification with its source) transformation, amalgamation between  Energy <+> Density <+> Matter ,  de facto, within Compatibility of Opposites.

Densities <+> Matter are bonding seamlessly, because all states are the derived from the singular source,  and subsequently will be  transformed back into Energy.

Biological existence is and will be progressively animated into Energy, where
The Universal Ratio of Transformation between Density <+> Matter will decrease, yet, Energy will be increased significantly.

Human will project enormous Energetic Potency as long as compatible (positive) Energy with its source will be animated. This is the ultimate Universal Animation within Intelligent Design.

Projected Progression;
Animated Biological Energetic Potency >+< Intelligent Energy *> {)(^)(} <* …

Biological Bonding Sequence
> = <  Emotional Energy  <+> Molecular Animation
Biological Composition within Density <+> Matter

* * *

Animated Universal Precision
Fine Quantum Mechanics within given scale of propagated projection animate miraculous accuracy within animated projection (Universal Image)  … .




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