The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification vs Universal Navigation … .

To: Pruszynski & Ska, prof. Wilczek.

Perfection is not about scientific, social norms, expression, yet, Universal Perfection is teaching us unity of purpose within system of transformation,  as well as drive to attain a higher degree of sophistication projected within entire animated spectrum… .

Platonic Solids also project important property, essential Lens Effect, within every edge, which define (obvious simplification) another animation within 3D Space.
For example cube is defined by 12 propagated within Resonant Waves Lens Effects. This is an integral and unified world, which needs to be sufficiently addressed.

Platonic solids.gif

The meaning of words;

Energy <+> Resonant Waves <+> Lens Effect  propagate specific set of information/data, which is subsequently translated into Energy, as well as animation within 3D spectrum.

Data is encapsulated within electromagnetic energy… .

Verbalized words are propagated within Electromagnetic Energy into spectrum of Density as well as Matter, and subsequently into electromagnetic energy which propagate projected animation within 3D Universal set of information <+>Data.

3D>+<Energy>+<Resonant Waves>+<Lens Effect<+>Resonant Waves<+>Energy>+< 3D

(Animation <+> Electromagnetic Energy  <+> Animation) 3D

Intelligent Data >+< Intelligent Transformation >+< Intelligent Projection is possible due to the compatibility encapsulated in relation between Energy >+< quantified spectrum within energy.

Above illustrate the potency of Universal dynamics, propagated elegant transition within, as well as beauty of Intelligent Data within Intelligent Design.




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