The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification vs Universal Navigation … .

. . .

Symmetry is propagated by proportions within animated;
Energy>+< Density >+< Matter <+> 3D Space.

And this is Symmetry, the art of performing proportions, the very essence of this fantastic phenomenon, often called Quantum Universe. Proportions are scalable from subatomic level up the any animated projection, otherwise proportions would not exist or perform in such seamless, aerodynamic performance  … . Proportions define Symmetry, Symmetry define performance within organized  quantified engine of the Universe.

Subsequently we can obtain another important quality of an Energy, in this instance Symmetry >+< Proportions, because entire system of performance is propagated Universally.

Abstract phenomenon (thinking)  is connecting somehow “unrelated subjects”. Abstract represent highly sophisticated order, mechanism, where “unrelated” phenomenons are being propagated into Symmetry within Proportions via 3D Projection. Symmetry is not game, an illusion, but essential paradigm within;

Energy >+< Density >+< Matter <+> Resonant Waves >+< Lens Effect.

The beginning of the propagated Universe <+> Projection of sequence, yet, more precisely Quantum Animation;

Energy >+< Space >+< Universe… .

Universe project progression from the past, yet, different, unique string path, which transformed, evolved into a new entity defined by Symmetrical proportion within:

Energy >+< Density >+< Matter <+> String Path … .

Modern scientific tools, which measures anything is just a reflection of the past, as present is non existent, yet, future is already made, with one exception, human thought, able to break through the boundaries of the past, yet, navigating seamlessly within animation of possibilities we call future. Intelligent thought can change the animation of the past, within all vocabulary of performance (Geometry, Arithmetic, Color Spectrum, Sound Spectrum),  because is propagated by the essence of transformation, yes, Energy … .

Future is undefined, perceptually,  as represent tangible possibility within sequential spectrum (yet, physical phenomenons are predictable within specific sequence),  except human thoughts, which penetrate future beyond boundaries and limitations with regard to physical animation along with possibilities, and this is profoundly unique quality, derived from the Divine, because reality is not only propagated, but at the same time created … .

Energy is not only intelligent, Energy is self aware within animated navigation, propagated within multiplication of approximations. Energy is infinitely potent, same as a human mind. Energy, as living phenomenon is , de facto, existence, singular force from which all living unaware, all living aware Universal projections originate. Energy is an ultimate performer.

How than energy, as a singular force, is formulated ? In my opinion it’s a blend of all possibilities, within physical phenomenons, which evolve still. Human body and an entire functionality is based on quantified, perfectly blended sequence within sequence, billions of times multiplied, which change its structure every so often (some claim 7 years time frame), while performance of birth <+> rebirth is a common phenomenon within singular animated aware existence.

Human existence is propagated;
Energy >+< Density >+< Matter <=> Symmetry >+< Proportions within Universal animation. Human is interconnected with internal, as well as external animations. Human is, de facto, Universal being, while propagated from all fragmentation within Universe, yet, performing while navigating.

Density <+> Matter navigate toward seamless structure, an Energy, same as human body, yet, defined in an unique string path, but the system of physical animations <+> Energy is virtually the same.

Entire system of performance is, de facto, identical within specific sequence, proximity.




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