Equal Rights for Slavic People; obey the paradigm of Universal Existence … .

I would like to ask leaders of the world, especially in Western Hemisphere to counter bias, profiling, extreme techniques limiting progress in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as equal rights and rules with regard to authorship in science, creative writing, de facto, all aspects with regard to human interactions, including economy.

Without a doubt, Slavic nations are being treated as a Second Grade Global Citizens, people, who often play marginal role not by the genuine creed of potential, but the role written in invisible code of conduct, including fair participation in obligations and rewards bounded by privileged.

Declarations are essential, yet, declarations bounded along with practical solutions gilded with the golden letters EQUALITY among all, this is an effort my soul is starving for, yet, achievable within the frame of any system of believes, economic, public associations.

We shall not stop to desire a better world for all, and Slavic people anticipate equal share in animated dignity projected within equality, flowing down deep to human heart and mind because man has the power to change reality, the power to improve it.

The only perfection in our dimension is a path toward perfection, let’s than implement the opportunity without limitations.

The rule of physics is projected into all aspects of existence;
* singularity dwell in whole, yet, whole dwell in singularity.

Let’s obey the paradigm of Universal Existence … .

Marek :Mark ” J. Wagner


Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
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Mark J. Wagner's photo.


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