“The treasure of poverty” …

His Holiness Pope Francis
Excellency Bp. S. Gadecki

They are saying that the greatest treasure of the Church are poor people, poverty. Certainly Church does provide assistance for poor and neglected, yet, majority of those people are destined for social neglect and poverty.

My standard of living is just that, poverty, not by a choice or lack of skills or motivation, yet, by precisely crafted social engineering, which persistently is pushing people toward exclusion and marginalization, in this instance my person, even my family.

As long as poverty will be perceived by the Church as a treasure, suffering will reign instead of normal existence.

I wish to emphasize important point, Church is pure and beautiful, yet, some members of the Church departed from the mainstream defined in the Creed.

In my opinion, despite positive aspects of the Church within social space, reform toward social justice is as urgent, needed as never before.

God Bless,
Marek “Mark” J. Wagner


Mark J. Wagner's photo.
abp s gadecki.jpg
Mark J. Wagner's photo.


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