I emphasize the importance of building bridges, yet, not bridges allowing expulsion of Poles from their homeland, but coexistence … .

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Poland, traditionally was one of the most inclusive countries for Jews as well as other nationalities, that’s why Poland was chosen as a site of carnage for Jews and so many others.

Since middle ages Polish social fabric was diversified, perhaps on unprecedented scale, until formation of the United States of America, where nations as well as religions gather under one roof … .

80% of Bedzin population were Jews, vicinity of Bedzin hosted 60% Jews, yet, so many other Polish cities can claim similarities with regard to statistics.

Poland lost during WWII 6 millions people, recently during the peace time, Poland lost even more citizens, 7 millions and counting, and Jews along with Izrael government haven;t say one word about it. Poles stood for Jews, for centuries, yet, Jewish elites are deaf while Poles suffer and are being expelled from their homeland.

I pray for peace and reconciliation, I emphasize the importance of building bridges, yet, not bridges allowing expulsion of Poles from their homeland, but coexistence.

Jewish people often refer to coexistence, yet, it seems it’s a one way road for many, Poles, as well as myself.

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

Strona główna Episkopat Rozpoczyna się wizyta zwierzchników religijnych z…
Despite Jewish roots, and sincere adherence to the Christian faith, Jesus Christ, I am, and I will be the outspoken voice defending Poles and Slavic people, who became the subject of gradual ethnic cleansing, extermination, which take many forms, including “economy”, “democracy”. This land doesn’t belong anymore to the rightful and ancient people, who came here, to Central Europe over 200 thousands years ago, and I am a living, genuine voice of their rights, Slavic rights, including right to live and prosper on the land given to them by the God Almighty … .
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