Physics vs Scientific Anarchy ? Perhaps, perhaps not … .

Mark J. Wagner

To;  David Thouless, Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz.

Congratulation to the recipients of the Nobel Prize.

Commentary ;

1. Quantum doesn’t represent certain level of observation, yet, Quantified Universe is observable within given scale of propagated spectrum.

2. The study of matter, according to the article; matter represent certain state in which energy performs, yet, we’ve got three essential states (which are further quantified into variations);
Energy >< Density >< Matter.

Entire spectrum, Universal mechanics oscillate within three main states, yet, further quantified.

3. Temperature is not defined in article, as well as pressure, as well as molecular aerodynamics (poles).

4. Topological defects refer to the notion of compatible opposites, yet, according to article, this notion is defined as defect instead of engine of motion. Very serious issue, de facto, because, as article indicate, entire kinetics behind motion based on compatible opposites is embedded into defect instead of the essential drive of the Universe. This notion is putting Physics and Astronomy on wrong path with regard to science and understanding of Universal principals – this is no more, no less but revolution pushing science toward dark ages.

5. Vortex vs Anti Vortex; compatible opposites vs disordered state. No such thing in Universe, yet, every motion is strictly defined by, well, compatible opposites or compatibility within density, where fabric of space oscillate between Energy and yet, not matter. Disordered state, in any given scale, would prevent from formation of the Universe. The building blocks of the Universe are highly organized in every animated state, no exceptions.

In addition the building blocks of the Universe is Energy operating within quantified states; Energy >< Density >< Matter.

6. Article, quote; “In the quantum mechanical world, if an object’s position becomes sharply defined then its momentum becomes highly uncertain, and vice versa.

Answer; obvious contradiction. Well defined position of an object vs momentum is defied by the variation propagated by an energy vs density vs matter in 3D space.

7.Quote; ” It turns out that the current flows only in narrow channels at the edges and not within the bulk of the material. The number of channels is controlled by the magnetic field”.

Answer; Magnetic field is, de facto, Electromagnetic spectrum of poles quantified as well. Magnetic field as such is non existent, without electric animated energy propelled by energy within matter, in this case.

8. Quote: “Thouless’ insight was to show that the flow of electrons at the boundaries has a topological character: the flow is not perturbed by defects – the current just bends around them and continues with its onward flow. This is similar to strong water flow in a river that bends around boulders”.

Answer; I already wrote an article about the subject based on observation of resonant waves within wood structure, water, yet, Mr. Thouless notion is exactly the same.

9. Mr. Haldane states, quote; “Topological states are new additions to the list of phases of matter, such as, solid, liquid, gas, and even superfluids, superconductors and magnets”.

Answer; all states are the same Energy, yet, quantified into fragmented density >< matter where electromagnetic field >< temperature propagate subsequent states.

10. Quote: “Topology is a branch of mathematics that deals with understanding shapes of objects; it’s interested in “invariants” that don’t change when a shape is deformed, like the number of holes an object has. Physics is the study of matter and its properties. The Nobel Prize winners were the first to make the connection between these two worlds”.

Answer: Shapes of objects are propagated within 3D space, which expand based on velocity spectrum, yet, operating within Resonant Waves, Lens Effect, Pressure. I’ve made a comment in my articles in my work already, how energy is quantified, 3D Space, propagation of shapes of matter>< dynamics.

Universal navigation oscillate within Energy >< Density >< Matter, yet, all three states are propagated into 3D Space.

I have covered mentioned issues in my articles;…/The-Paramount-Law-of-Transformatio……/2016-10-physicists-explore-exotic-states-…

The 2016 Nobel Prize in physics has been awarded to David Thouless, Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz, three theoretical physicists whose research used…

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