The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification vs Universal Navigation System > < Mass …

Mass <> Density  …

3D Space is propagated by multiplication of densities, matter within projected Energy.

Mass is propagated from Energy, as well as compatible Energy quantified animation within rendered approximations.

As illustration indicates simplicity create complexity (animated diversification) through projected patterns.

Universal system of animated Energy in 3D Space is simple;
Energy >)(< Fragmentation  >()< Composition (Energy/Molecular) >()< Unification
Simplicity of Universal Paradigm.

Universe in all animations is propagated from singular Force <=> Energy and subsequently quantified. Quantified rendition is a subject of unification via data embedded within molecular structure, de facto, navigation toward the source.

Human interactions (except violence, abuse) is an extension of those characteristics, yet, translated from subatomic molecular animations, according to the Intelligent Design, perhaps we shall say, Intelligent Energy.

Compatibility with regard to opposites is also projected in social interactions. This phenomenon has its source in density/mass formation mechanism.
Mass/Density <=> Energy within specific field attracts compatibility; yet, even this phenomenon is observable in human behavior >< socializing. Energy project profound characteristic <> socializing based on compatibility including compatible opposites.

Human, yet, all forms of existence, aware and unaware are designed as resonance navigation structures. Human senses, entire system is tuned to process navigation data such as resonant waves within specific range of propagated Energy >< Density <> Matter.






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