The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification vs Universal Navigation System …

Divine Navigation <^>Universal Navigation

Energy <> Resonant Waves <> Lens Effect <> Density <> Matter <> Molecular Fragmentation (minerals etc) <> Quantified Subatomic Projections <> Biological/Fauna & Flora <> Human

Energy <^> Electromagnetic Radiation
Electromagnetic Spectrum is bounding the animation of compatible opposites… .

Multiplication of animated projections is possible due to the fact that Energy is interacting with multiplication of lens effects, de facto, physical screens of reality (similar effect is observable with mirroring, while objects are the subject of various intensity and angle of projected energy). This phenomenon is animating a new set of projections within exposure, and is associated with expansion of reality into new possibilities, due to the potent properties of Energy vs Density vs Matter.

Universal Animation >< Reality is based on two simple projections;
Energy >< Background, yet, the depth of 3D projection is produced by diversification within quantified animated energy, de facto, densities & subsequently matter.

The sequential computation of Energy >< Density >< Matter >< is truly Divine work (while squinting the eyelids projected images becomes transformed). This simple experiment eloquently illustrate complexity of Universal engineering with regard to precision of animation … .

Unification Paradigm



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