To: Mr. Victor Orban, The Prime Minister of Hungary … .

Legitimizing mechanism of expulsion, violence, even disinheritance … .
Mark J. Wagner

To: Mr. V. Orban,
The Prime Minister of Hungary

Please notice that Poland lost in excess over 7 millions of its own citizens since 1990 (more than during WWII).

Please return this award as a protest against ethnic cleansing of Poles, crisis, which deepens with every passing month.

Not long ago I was praying by dear to my my heart Saint, Queen Jadwiga, realizing that Poland is not the same place.

By accepting this award, You are legitimizing mechanism of expulsion, disinheritance, even violence.

Mr. Prime Minister, please return this award and ask questions:
Quo Vadis Poland … .

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

Wiktorze, życzę Ci, abyś pozostał dalej tym niepozornym napastnikiem, jeszcze przez wiele lat — powiedział Igor Janke.

Mark J. Wagner
Mark J. Wagner Mr. Prime Minister,
Poles expelled from Poland, unneeded elsewhere … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

Mark J. Wagner

Bedzin Royal Castle … .

The Polish King Casimir the Great became the founder and the patron of the Holy Trinity Church in Bedzin. Yet, wooden church already stood in this location long before, and the first written record is from 1308.

Apparently the leading priest at the Holy Trinity Church was the confessor of the Polish Queen Jadwiga , the Saint.

Hungary gave Poland great Queen, yet, Poland appreciated this gift and elevated to the one of the greatest Queens in a history, not only in Poland.

This is the past, yet, Poland, since then, and due to the severe ethnic and national fragmentation is experiencing deformation of Divinity on unprecedented scale, including sale of it own citizens under umbrella of democracy, economy, free trade etc.

Poland is no longer for Poles … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

Mark J. Wagner's photo.


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