The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Grand Unification Universal Wheel of Existence …

Universal  Wheel of Existence …

To understand the Universe we’ve got to take a journey to the source.   My journey lead me through the Hungarian Creek near Brenna. While hiking up the stream I’ve noticed interesting phenomenon. The creek has many sources with regard to supply of water.

The origin of water on Earth is from the rocks, squeezed out through powerful gravitational embrace. Gravity is squeezing also the Kotarz Mountain at the same time giving the birth to the numerous creeks, which subsequently form rivers.

Earth gravity is squeezing out materials, including moisture, water, yet, Super Gravity is able to release water/moisture form dense materials, de facto,  rocks.

The Kotarz mountain is giving away its treasure, water and moisture, where resonant waves as well as lens effect is providing phenomenal circulation of water within  different physical states.

Water, its origin, has its source in rocks, already rich in this substance since beginning of  formation of the Earth, where pressure squeezed different materials along with water.

 . . . 

How Universe was formed.
Initiation sequence was a result of an enormous pressure which ignited elements, de facto, fragmentation sequence was initiated (quantum Universe) within compatible opposites.

Due to the differences in density, as well as pressure caused by temperature,  materials sponteaniously switched from vector motion into circular, vortex sequence. That’s  how global, as well as regional vortex sequence was initiated, the very same motion which is present still.

Initiation Sequence < within> Compatible Opposites;
Pressure >< Initiation >< Big Bang (vector motion) >< Quantum Universe >< Compatible Opposites (within densities)  >< Vortex Motion >< Gravity … .

The Initiation Sequence was probably initiated by the gradually increase intensity of Microwave Energy/Radiation (experiment with an egg in microwave oven).

What than  is bridging  subatomic world, yet, entire  quantified  Universal spectrum ? Electricity. Electromagnetic field within compatible opposite is the essential energy source.

Everything within Universe, as we know it, project spectrum of electricity, quantified in any given scale of projected progression.

We are living within precise string path defined also by the quantified  spectrum of electricity.

Life is motion, yet, motion is the byproduct of electricity.

 . . .

Motion vs Rotation.
This phenomenon is taking place while differences in weight are at play. Rotation is a result of differences within densities  >< Compatible Opposites… .

. . . 


Composition of Data

En3rgy >< Matter >< Energy

Wheel of Pressure
Wheel of Electric Currents
Wheel of Motion
Wheel of  Temperature
Wheel of Density
Wheel of Resonant Waves
Wheel of Lens Effects
Wheel of Compatible Opposites
Wheel of Quantum Energy vs Wheel of Quantum Molecular

Wheel of Quantum Energy vs Wheel of Quantum Molecular are the source of each projected sequence.

The Initiation Sequence was probably initiated by the gradually increase intensity of Microwave Energy/Radiation.

Aware existence is initiated prior to Initiation Sequence, yet, all Wheels of Existence shall be precisely coordinated within specific spectrum in any given scale
of projected progression. 

. . .

Hungarian Creek >< Potok Wegierski

Projection  (3) Potok Wegierski

Formation of Projected Image.
Complete Projection ><  Diversification of Data
Positive >< Complete Projection ><  Negative  
<>  ><  <>
Formation of Diversity

Provided picture is illustrating the phenomenon of projected energy on flower, as well as multidirectional projection, variety of  lens effects, which form vast diversity within string path;

Temperature <> Highlights <> Shadows <> Densities <> Angles of  Projected Energy vs Matter.

Replication (cellular computation in natural world) goes a long way, yet,  stretch beyond proximity, while at the same time molding diversity (simplicity >< diversity) due to the slight variations of data within specific localized environment. And this is the beginning of awareness, when elements formations react to;

Spectrum of Light  ><  Pressure  ><  Temperature  ><  Electric Currents









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