Brenna Hiking …

My trip to Brenna started on August 23, 2016.

* Ustron Polana
* hiking to Orlowa Mountain
* descending to Brenna Lesnica and subsequently short walk to Brenna Centrum

* exploring nearby creeks

* Kotarz Mountain

* Brenna Lachy to Brenna Centrum
* Blatnia Mountain
* Stolow Mountain
* Trzy Kopce
* Klimczok
* Karkoszczanka
* Hyrca
* Grabowa
* Kotarz (partially off the mountain trail (very demanding physically)
* back in Brenna Lachy

* Kotarz Mountain taken from the Brenna Lachy – off the mountain trail via Wegierski Potok / Hungarian Creek all the way to the very beginning of the creek. Great Hike and demanding as well.

28/08/2016 Sunday
* Harvest Festival in Brenna

* Brenna Lachy
* Horzelica
* Stary Gron
* Brenna Lesnica
* Orlowa (while on my way to Orlowa and near the peak, at least four powerful thunderstorms have passed from Wisla toward Brenna, torrential rain through entire trip. On few occasions thunders were very close ).
* Ustron Polana; wet, yet, satisfied … .

Vicky, Jacob, Jonah always in my heart and mind … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
 Beskid Mountains … .
Mark J. Wagner's photo.

Beskid Mountains … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

Little shed on the Kotarz Mountain and Grabowa 😉

Mark J. Wagner added 2 new photos2 hrs ·

St. Jacob Trial near Stolowa Mountain … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

The Mountain Chapel near Brenna … .

I have made the little Cross of the Resurrection … 

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

3D projection … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.

Amazing view form the Kotarz Mountain ( I climbed the mountain from the North, South, East and West).

The little dot on the horizon is the Sun while on His way to the other side of the Earth … .

The Sun paints images, billions movies in an instant all animated in color, shapes, sounds, yet, every episode is one a kind … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

Treasures, indeed, one of the kind … .
We can learn many things in life, yet, the art of seeing, perception is a never ending process. The world was, indeed, decorated, not only created … .

The world is filled with treasures, yet, treasures available for all … .

Every time, while returning from a trip to the wilderness I wander how many treasures I have not been able to see or touch … .

Is it heartbreaking to miss the opportunity ? Certainly not, knowing that the miraculous Universe is decorating the world around us from subatomic level even beyond speed of light to reach your heart 😉

Good news … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.

The persistence of this flower to get the best seat in the Universe is amazing. The flower virtually walks, meters within the river bed to be where he wanted to be. Amazing indeed … .

I am never tired to enjoy flowers, yet, every one is as unique as everything in the Universe, where no two projections are the same 😉

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

The Eagle or the Holy Spirit could be photographed from different angles, yet, not shy to be exposed by the mortals 😉

The creek is nearby Bukowa 96 in Brenna Lachy, where I stayed during short trip to Beskid Mountains … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

Recently I came back from a short trip to Brenna, a little town in the mountainous Beskid region.

Poland is rich because of people and the land, yet, you could find other treasures, well, quite unique such as the Holy Spirit or perhaps the Eagle found in the middle of the mountain creek. Look for yourself ( image was slightly edited, yet, the pattern was created by the waves between two large rocks).

Brenna, amazing 😉


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