The Shroud of Turin … .

Since 2011 I study the phenomenon of The Shroud of Turin. Everything with regard to the Spiritual, as well as physical substance is deeply captivating my attention, known and unknown senses.

I’ve made previously comments about The Shroud of Turin with regard to possible explanation how image was projected and formed.

Yet, today’s comments I wish to address to the Catholic Hierarchy, as well as the people of faith.

What I have learned while following the time frame from 544 to present period is that The Shroud of Turin traveled through ages on a shoulders of brave people, who often were risking their lives to preserve The Fifth Gospel.

Yet, behind the scenes was also another force, trying to destroy and erase The Extraordinary Gift, de facto, aiming against the entire New Testament.

Excommunications, banning to display, siege, fires (1532 ,1997) indicate behind the scenes fierce battle to undermine credibility, yet, to virtually disintegrate entire fabric of faith along with The Shroud… .

The struggle is evident within the Church even Hierarchy. The Fifth Gospel miraculously survived ages to be burned down at the center of Christianity, several times… .

This is a lesson as well as warning, that The Silent Witness is challenged still (in 1997 devastating fire nearly destroyed The Shroud).

Shall we be vigilant and sensitive ? Certainly. The struggle reached the very foundation of faith, the very place we often think as the safest oasis, the Hierarchy, yet, The Fifth Gospel was nearly lost.

Within the people of faith, are also those who joined for other reasons than spiritual fulfillment and a path toward self perfection. The story of the Miraculous fabric is, de facto, the story and our religion, challenged, all the time… .

If The Fifth Gospel was and still is challenged, than how The Holy Grail would be ? And this is not a rhetorical question, The Holy Grail would be as much in grave danger as The Shroud. I can provide important references, which prove just that.

I know a family which is divided by Catholic and Old Convent, yet, the one who is the follower of Jesus is the poorest and stripped from everything, while those associated with Old Convent enjoy so called good life. Yet, this doesn’t end here, the one who is following Jesus, his right to live and liberty is challenged to the very limits, including by even some priests. He is the witness, and he is denied dignity and rights, just because he is following the light … .,


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