The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Energy vs Grand Unification vs Spiral Motion >< Gravity … .

Motion >< Memory  >< Gravity  … .

Memory represent projected and stored data for essential reason, to navigate seamlessly between energy and matter, while in motion.

In addition, memory manifest, de facto, fundamental reference with regard to compatibility, the very quality defining relation between an energy and matter. Subconscious mind is storing data with regard to complex navigation within animated Universe, as well as data providing compatibility scheme via projected images obtained by our senses where lack of data is quite common.

It seems that the imagination is not so much a byproduct of memory/data, but an integral part of memory, while exploring possibilities, along with expansion of frame of awareness … .

Compatible Opposites/Densities
Navigation >< Data >< Imagination … .

The Universal hierarchy is, de facto, mirroring compatibility of energy vs matter, precisely quantified fragmentation projected within compatible opposites … .

Gravity,  a play of densities within compatible opposites… .

While watching behavior of water drop, we observe, de facto, unification sequ3nce of quantified fragmentation, so much more dense, than the source of transformation in pure form, energy, proportional to the potency of transformation vs mass … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Vitruvian Man A
Quantum Mechanics Spin a


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