The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Energy vs Grand Unification. Human Mind … .

pinkrepublic1 / 23 mins ago

Human Mind … .

Human mind project coupling between an energy as well as matter, as I wrote previously. Yet, the phenomenon;

Conscious Mind  ><  Subconscious Mind

is parallel with with spectrum of light, visible, as well as invisible, where quantified projection in any given scale, from nano-particles to subsequent progression reflect Biological Blueprint of the Universe.

Spectrum of light, as well as human mind reflect each precisely, including the symmetry within compatible opposites;

Conscious Mind >< The Subconscious Mind
Matter >< Energy

. . .

The Notion of Motion;
Motion, by definition project the symmetry, yet, breaking the symmetry is, de facto, a Universal gearbox within energy >< matter projection … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Vitruvian Man A


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