Multi-Kulti vs Nazi vs Bridges …

To; Mr. Minister M. Blaszczak MSWiA.

Mr. Minister, your statements are hurting not only progress but memories, carnage inflicted on millions of human lives during WWII.

The alternative to so called Multi-Kulti is nothing else but Nazi state of mind, violence, profiling, discrimination.

I am very much troubled by your attitude and statements, repeated over and over, somehow pushing toward revision of ideology based on tolerance, freedom.

My hope is that you will rephrase your statement and subsequently distance yourself and Poland from extremes such as cultural, religious, ethnic separation in the name of freedom, false perception of safety.

Poles, Poland, as I understand, doesn’t share your opinions including Polish security forces.

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

Poles, Russians, Slavic nations, Jews, Gypsy, suffered so much pain and violence during WWII because Multi-Kulti was rejected by the Nazi elites.

Mr. Minister you are the “product” of people, who misaligned your sense of justice, fairness, sound judgment, objectivity as well as recognition of virtues vs evil.

In addition, recently I heard another shameful statement, quote;
” global overpopulation should be addressed and reduced. In the world is too much people (!)”. Sir, this statement was made just meters from destroyed during WWII Synagogue and guess by whom, allegedly Jewish man, who was borne decades after WWII, man who is very close emotionally with Jewish society.
I am sure that he doesn’t represent Jewish society, yet, he represents self-imposed sense of judgement, and I am very much troubled by this man, and few others who pretend to be “practical” and “logical” when it comes to so called “overpopulation”. Shocking, indeed.

Quotes; “poprawność polityczna i multi-kulti przynoszą tragiczne rezultaty”.

“Mariusz Błaszczak z Prawa i Sprawiedliwości uważa, że takim tragediom jak w Norwegii winna jest rozwijana w Europie Zachodniej polityka “multi-kulti”.

“To jest konsekwencja polityki multikulti, poprawności politycznej”.

“Poprawność polityczna i ideologia multi-kulti, które królują na Zachodzie, przynoszą tragiczne rezultaty – powiedział Mariusz Błaszczak”.

“Mariusz Błaszczak na antenie Polsat News stwierdził, że przyczyną zamachów terrorystycznych jest polityka multi-kulti”.

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.

Pan Minister M. Blaszczak MSWiA

Na zalaczonych zdjeciach widac Multi-Kulti vs odrzucenie Multi-Kulti … .


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