The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Temperature vs Interactive Pressure within Universe … .

Temperature (definition);

Temperature refers to the intensity of energy within given scale of projected transformation, in any scale of projection, in this instance, temperature is relating to interactive energy vs energy potential.

Temperature is associated with motion, yet, motion vs orientation toward source of transformation manifest molecular awareness, which subsequently evolve into interactive awareness, de facto, self awareness … .

Energy potential becomes self aware once in motion, yet, miraculous transformation with regard to interactive self awareness represent scale of projected possibilities … .

Entire world, from subatomic level to any given scale of projected progression represent self aware paradigm, embedded into the every molecule, while progressing toward the source of transformation, yet, interactive awareness represent truly Divine engineering … .

Inanimate matter is the byproduct of an energy, ionized energy due to the high velocity transformation within limited Space and subsequently Universe.

It is possible that an energy, expanded rapidly, yet, contracted, while leaving behind the by product of Initiation sequence and now is expanding within its own kinetic properties, energy interactive vs energy inanimate, from a single source into the variety of sources while at the same time inflating Universe … .…/The-Paramount-Law-of-Transformatio…

Work in progress …
DNA of the Universe A
Symmetry vs Antisymmetry

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