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Today while returning from a humble family celebration in Gliwice (bus 617 20:44), I was cut of in front of BP by exclusive German car, as well as orange car. Subsequently a man (age about 65-70) came to the bus stop, and was doing some strange moves with his briefcase belt on Rybnicka Street a minute after.

Subsequently a young athletic man wearing white jersey, allegedly drunk, sat next to me while pushing me slightly. He was making vulgar comments, strange moves with his beer between his legs, as well as close to my head, and repeatedly, lifting his elbow, just centimeters from my head. In addition, he said, quote; “see you on Wednesday”. Ann was scared, nervous, her face became red, after he made some comments, which would suggest sexual nature, while holding the beer.

Man and his wife left the bus, yet, prior to leaving the bus, she have said laughing; “do widzenia”.

An older man with a briefcase, and a cell phone got out of the bus next.

While leaving the bus, I was blocked by a man (appr. 25-30 years old), who was holding ID etui displaying like Police does during investigation.

On Krasinski Street, man came out from the archway, and was walking in front of us with his cell phone, two men came out from the hospital compound, wile eating food, one of them was observing me cautiously (this sequence, as well as set ups with briefcase belt, bakery vans, is being repeated hundreds of times to date).

Dear friends, I was confronted by similar behavior in 2015, before Poland – Germany game at the same bus stop on Rybnicka Street in Gliwice.

In 2014, when Poland won with Germany, I experienced negative backlash, yet, I thought that it was a coincidence. Today is the third time, and I have a little doubts, that I am experiencing vicious, yet, well designed psychological campaign based on multiple repetitions, signals/symbols, comments, aggression, or even threats.

I won’t speculate who and why is holding the cards (Poles, Germans or perhaps a third party), yet, I feel compelled to say it publicly.…/bilans-miedzypanstwowy/7,Niemcy


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