The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. We are alike and different phenomenon … .

From a single source/energy, emerge vast diversification, as a product of multiplication of approximations.

I would like to clarify important issue with regard to modern physics, yet, astronomy; entropy/ degree of disorder or randomness in the system is non existent (entropy is fiction).

Universe in any given scale, manifest, profoundly, a state of order. Please show me any state, indication of disorder within the Universe, as we know it,from nano-scale to Galaxy as well as entire Universe that is showing even a slight disorder.

Everything that we can observe, and anticipate within transition system is propagated via engineered, organized relation between an energy vs fragmentation of an energy, molecules of various densities.

In addition, Universal unity, energy vs matter vs energy can not be propagated by randomness or disorder.

Entire system within Universe is projected within progression;
Energy = Matter = 3D Space vs Reference of transformation / spectrum of light.

We can than summarize everything that we have learned so far;
Universal unity between an energy and matter/fragmentation in any given projected quantified/fragmented scale is complete.

Human being is a perfect example illustrating a state of energetic, as well as molecular hierarchy/order, yet, unified, even within compatible opposites, in any fragmented state.

Why Universe is expanding and possibly accelerating ?

The answer is; Universal propagation of energy vs acoustic effect vs Reson5nt Wav3s vs Lens Effect.

Length of waves vary; energy is fragmented, yet, resonant waves propagate resonant waves, resonant waves propagate lens effect, lens effect propagate lens effect within resonant waves. All is interwoven within specific, engineered path/string, where approximation is anticipated and precisely calculated within variety of densities.

The intensity of Universal expansion is parallel to intensity of sound waves which perform within specific, diverse environment.

Multiplication of Resonant Waves as well as Lens effect is a natural state, after all an Energy is oscillating within its own propagated states vs Source of Transformation.

Example; quantum composition with regard to spectrum of light; light vs darkness/hot light vs inanimate light, propagate realistic 3D projection within degree of intensity of light vs degree of gray.

From a single source/energy/seed, emerge vast diversification as a product of multiplication of approximations.

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Rotation of the Sphere


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