The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. We are alike and different phenomenon … .

Einstein’s Postulate vs Energy/Matter
“The Principle of Invariant Light Speed: The speed of light c is a constant, independent of the relative motion of the source and observer”.

Source: Boundless. “Einstein’s Postulates.” Boundless Physics. Boundless, 26 May. 2016. Retrieved 07 Jun. 2016 from…/introduction-178/einstein-s-po…/

The speed of light is projected by the initial kinetic force, yet, light speed is determined by density within 3D Space, which is the same energy in various stages of density.

Within Universe nothing is identical, and nothing is constant, yet, approximation of projected properties are common in any given scale of projected progression.

The speed of light is the threshold with regard to relation between an energy, as well as various states of density, de facto, an energy vs matter… .

The spectrum of light certainly would perform differently within different environment of projection … .

In addition, as I have already wrote in previous articles, Vortex of Matter (Black Hole) transforms densities into an energy, yet, this process is very much defined by fragmentation vs unification sequence.

With regard to the question; “what God was doing before creating the Universe”, we can predict the past, as well as the future at the same time. Our Universe emerged form the energy, Hot Light vs Cold Light, compatible opposites, energy which its potential as well as kinetic imprint was formed prior to initiation sequence … . We can than summarize, that projected Universe, as we know it, is the subsequent propagation of reality from the source.

Nothing within our Universe is identical, yet, represent projected approximation, previous as well as subsequent Universal projections are different as well. If we would derive conclusion about constant performance in any given scale , than Universe would not make sense, and life would not be possible as well.

Energy is composed of fragmentation, yet, fragmentation is complete within unification, blended, yet, engineered toward variations of density within specific environment;
Energy = Energy Potential = Stages of Density … .

Energy = Quantified Composition = Unified Energy … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
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