The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. We are alike and different phenomenon….

Creation of the Universe … .
Energy = Matter … .
Matter = 3D Space
3D Space = Energy

Lens Effect vs Biological Blueprint vs Human;

Lens effect is profoundly projected within human functionality, de facto, eyes. I wrote about it in previous articles, yet, human eyes, clouds on sunny day, all play essential role with regard to transition of an energy into various densities, or, well, energy, where density is non existent.

This is the same energy in various stages, with regard to projected progression.

Human body is an art form, in terms of engineering, as well as aesthetic projection, yet, Divine art became common throughout the Universe, and man is reflecting common phenomenon with regard to lens effect, where entire human body, to be exact, within biological densities project focal capabilities with regard to spectrum of light.

This phenomenon is also explaining why we are alike and different, because human bodies are exposed to subtle projections, different, yet, defined by a path of performance within spectrum of light vs spectrum of lens effect. Energy is sculpting our bodies within 3D Space, yet, diversity is the favorite chisel, very much fine, delicate chisel of light … .

Lens effect is where energy is projecting quantified fragmentation, simplicity within complexity and complexity within simplicity.

Once the vicinity of lens effect is defined, established<>spectrum of light, within all projection energy, than anticipated projection is rendered, read life, unaware and subsequently aware … .

Shades of light (shades of gray) is the formulation of 3D Space, yet, lens effect along with resonant waves, play a key role in 3D projected transitions.

The length of interwoven resonant waves vs spectrum of light, define projection within 3D Space; Geometry, Colors, Math, Sounds, Temperature.

Sensual physical sensitivity, senses, begin to form since Universal initiation sequence.

Energy vs Spectrum of Light vs Spectrum of Lens Effect = Energy vs Densities;

Formation of molecular, as well as vast biological diversity;

The fertility of the Universe, energy, along with varieties of forms of life, existential reference forms, are formed by spectrum of light vs spectrum of lens effect within 3 D Space, yet, precisely engineered path, string path, where variety of molecules react to light, visible and non visible, differently, yet, within anticipated performance ><Divine engineering defined by beauty of expression as well as efficiency.

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

Mark J. Wagner's photo.


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