The Paramount Law of Transformation B;ological Blueprint of the Universe Spac3 Program Since 1452.

Mirabilibus Mundi … .

 Mark J. Wagner 9 hrs ·

Earth’s Beauty in motion, de facto, relation between an energy and matter (read density), as well as compatible opposites, atmospheric lens/focal effect is creating patterns like, well, fingerprints or on wood boards in Bedzin Royal Castle, yet, everywhere you look … .

On this interactive rendition is projected, profoundly,
Spectrum of Light vs Cold Light.

Energy in motion in real time, where the same energy, as well as a few basic principles, define human existence, Intelligent Design… .

Yet, the good news is that all Divine science needs is an energy vs compatible opposite, in order to project life.

Dear friends, from a single source emerge multitude. The greatest lesson with regard to unity, and blended potential, potential without boundaries … .

Is it the greatest movie of all time, certainly, yet, behind motion of an energy dwell, well, you, fauna & flora, all that treasures of the Earth and good Universe… .

In addition, I have to mention that provided rendition is also illustrating properties of light … .

See current wind, weather, ocean, and pollution conditions, as forecast by supercomputers, on an interactive animated map. Updated every three hours.
Mark J. Wagner
Mark J. Wagner You look no more in distant Space, yet, Universe is within us, and everytime your eyes reflect projected purpose, destiny, existence in motion, well composed symphony of an energy … .

Mark J. Wagner
Mark J. Wagner This is kind of science I like and cherish, science showing simplicity of complexity, yet, embedded paradigm of existence, unaware as well as aware… .…/watch-arctic…/

Mark J. Wagner
Mark J. Wagner Map created by the Columbia University: wind patterns on distant planets.

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

Mark J. Wagner
Mark J. Wagner Quote from Ten Books on Architecture:

“Wind is a flowing wave of air, moving hither and thither indefinitely. It is produced when heat meets moisture, the rush of heat generating a mighty current of air”.

Above description is relevant with regard to scientific awareness, which can be attained by participation of multidisciplinary perception.

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

Mark J. Wagner
Mark J. Wagner It’s called lunar mansions; Book of Curiosities

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

Mark J. Wagner
Mark J. Wagner Quantified currents create patterns … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.

Mark J. Wagner
Mark J. Wagner Earth, this is our Home, we’ve got to take care and cherish. Our home is way beyond threshold of our dwellings, de facto, our home begins with an awareness once we leave our shelters … .…


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