To: His Holiness Pope Francis; Sex as Deadly Weapon … .

His Holiness Pope Francis

This coming Summer You will come to Poland for the World Youth Day.

Your Holiness, I would like to extend an invitation to Silesia, so You will be able to see it, with your own eyes, Christian Ghettos, where people live below acceptable standards, on devastated and neglected streets, broken houses, ugly graffiti, even trash on the streets. This is Silesia, resourceful and abundant, yet, poor and hidden form the public view. Silesia, Diamond in the Polish Crown for centuries, where air quality is below European standards, yet, people do not demand any more improvements with regard to quality of life, dignity. These sites I would like to show You Your Holiness, away from decorated and beautiful towns and places, yet, people live in dumpy places here, “programmed” to accept ugliness and neglect.

Your Holiness, what would Jesus do, while seeing two countries in one; abundant and poor, dirty, hopeless, in the country of honey and milk.

Your Holiness, please come to urban Silesia and look around, away from the official routes, and see it for yourself how people live. I see it everyday from the train windows, as well as within the urban landscape.

Poland Beautiful and Poland Heartbreaking, yet, by the choice, not the circumstances.

Be Blessed Your Holiness,
Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

This subject is unpopular to tackle with, yet, is showing how abused Silesia was and still is, especially the so called common people, who live in Ghettos in the middle of the Christian abundant in resources land, yet, mismanaged morally beyond limits for centuries. I don’t intend to add to the shame while posting images, yet, above description of neglected “familioki” and reduced by 7 millions people nation is telling another sad story, story, which needs urgent attention, as well as demand for improvement.

For posting such unpopular and prohibited stories, I am being called, even on Corpus Christi Feast, in front of my mother an “incest” as well as quote; ” mother f”, not to mention other offensive and hurtful comments. In recent days I am getting delicate suggestions to change faith as well. All of that is happening in real time.

Not long ago I was called a “faggot”, subsequently speculations about lewd acts emerged posted and repeated for years, and now an “incest” and “mother f”. This is happening within meters from Parishes.

What is happening around me and my family, in Christian terminology, is called “Bad Spirits”, yet, You Your Holiness remain silent, and detached from the truth I speak about it for years.

Someone would ask tangible question, why I am addressing these problems to You and the Vatican? Your Holiness, these problems are ethical and profoundly religious, that’s why, yet, often motivated to abuse religion, personal emotions, nationality, degrade family, even children. All those problems are, de facto, spiritual problems, where people manifest negativity with a clear Biblical reference, as well as as anti-Polish motivation/attitudes. Bad Spirits Your Holiness, beyond the rim of media coverage, where real life meets real challenges and unimaginable intensity to hurt.

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.



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