The Paramount Law of Transformation B;ological Blueprint of the Universe Spac3 Program Since 1452. Mirabilibus Mundi … .

Mirabilibus Mundi … .

What these images are having in common ?

Well, attached images are showing Resonant Waves, Lens Effect, where, de facto, clouds are natural lenses with focal capabilities, which change energy into Spectrum of Light along with critical factor temperature (direct light/energy vs shade) … .

Wood is showing motion of an energy in 3D Space, de facto, Resonant Waves which you can see, while looking at the Hubble Telescope imagery and other super fine Space engineering, yet, my own laboratory is observation, nature as well as self, human being, which precisely reflect all phenomenons of nature and much more, even window at the distant future … .

Light, wood, rocks are, de facto, virtually the same energy in various stages of transformation, yet, density. Miracle ? Obviously, where the same energy is able to change its projected state in nearly unlimited progressions, transitions><simplicity into complexity><complexity into simplicity … .

In addition, lens effect is painting our world, virtually in front of our eyes, time of the day, mood of nature project different and unique palette of colors; RGB with unlimited variations>< energy… .

Voice is an energy, de facto, tangible vibration in 3D Space; you could experience it while listening voice or sounds in high mountains, where sound even words are carried with the wind (string theory lab in natural habitat, which explain evolutionary, yet, based on Intelligent Design projection of life, human in particular. Energy, Resonant Waves in 3D Space along with string theory and Lens Effect is the result of precise and sophisticated sience … .

More about it in coming days … .

(images; Skrzyczne Mountain, MJW)

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Bio Blueprint of the Universe A_edited-1
Quantum Mechanics Spin a



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