The Paramount Law of Transformation B;ological Blueprint of the Universe Spac3 Program Since 1452. Mirabilibus Mundi … .

Mirabilibus Mundi … .

A. Einstein wrote paper about Photoelectricity, let’s look closer at this subject.

Photoemission vs spectrum of dividable energy, in this instance light, which  is animating matter through wavelenghts.

Yet, we ought to add Biological Blueprint of the Universe where photoelectricity is reaching unparalleled sophistication within projected progression, de facto, a new, yet, anticipated reality, developing from potential awareness into interactive awareness… .

Wikipedia, quote; “Photobiology is the scientific study of the interactions of light (technically, non-ionizing radiation) and living organisms. The field includes the study of photosynthesis, photomorphogenesis, visual processing, circadian rhythms, bioluminescence, and ultraviolet radiation effects. The division between ionizing radiation and nonionizing radiation is typically considered to be 10 eV, the energy required to ionize an oxygen atom”.
Photoelectric phenomenon project animated reality within 3D Space, de facto, transformation of energy into matter and  vice versa.

The threshold of frequency illustrate string theory (train example), which propagate energy/matter within specific, yet, precise path with regard to Universal Projection, according to The Paramount Law of Transformation and  Intelligent Design … .

Einstein’s and Planck’s energy vs frequency illustrate, once gain, string path (train; propagation of animated progression), as well as phenomenon, where some species develop while others don’t (highly specialized dinosaurs as well as other species).
What we experience here is precise engineering, Intelligent Design defining destiny of the Universal animation, which is crossing the boundaries of potential, while projecting its infinite possibilities.

With regard to so called duality of wave vs particle, this phenomenon is non existent, due to the fact, that we are experiencing singularity of energy in various stages of projected possibilities, as well as paths (spectrum of light, water in various stages of density etc).
Propagation of energy within stages of density in many cases animated energy, same as movie composed of sequences, quantified within integrated projection.

Electromagnetic radiation, energy, manifest kinetic energy, Animated Universe.

Phṓs (Greek); the true phenomenon with regard to light is reaching beyond visible spectrum, where quantified system from nano-scale is propagating Intelligent Design within given scale of projected animation, where reality is miraculously quantified as well, yet, completely integrated.  Phṓs propagate, de facto, Universal Animation of energy at the specific path of projection; string path of an energy into visual molecular perception vs biological awareness vs biological self aware projection within quantified, yet, integrated projections of Resonant Waves as well as lens effect in 3D Space … .


. . .

Painting with Light vs Bridges of Life … .

The energy of life is traveling from the Sun to our home Earth within 8 minuted time fame, yet, another bridge of life is within Earth’s inner vicinity, inner core, where virtually identical approximation of an energy of about 5000 C is propagating life as well, yet, Earth is tended by reflected source of light, bridge of existence, from the Moon. These are three essential bridges of energy, yet, complemented by relic energy, as well as Resonant Waves in 3D Sapce, projected within interwoven spectrum of energy, miraculous fabric of life … .

Painting with light is de facto, precise definition of animated Universe within compatible opposites, energy vs matter … .

What than represent Bridge of Life >< well, its a science,  where proportions of energy vs matter vs space are precisely  defined … .

Intelligent Design > = <Bridge of Life  … .

Have a nice day … .


. . .


Does 1 equal 3 ?
Certainly, because 1 doesn’t represent equivalent of value vs 3, but sequential progression from 0.

3 would not exist without 1 or 2, yet, the sequence, 1 or 2 would be incomplete without 3 within projected sequential approximations of quantified projection … .

Everything is animated within integrated projections … .

All is equal within whole, because whole is composed of singularities within whole … .

Why than the notion of the Trinity;
Because Trinity propagate sufficient formula with regard to science, where within dividable, yet, integrated energy, singularity becomes the whole, yet, the whole is composed of singularity … .

In addition, Trinity project simplicity, essential paradigm within complexity … .

Universe is composed by few principles, yet, precise proximity project its fertility and creativity beyond limits… .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Bio Blueprint of the Universe A_edited-1
Quantum Mechanics Spin a

The Paramount Law of Transformation B;ological Blueprint of the Universe Spac3 Program Since 1452

Formation of the Universe … .

Energy is Space, de facto, Universe, yet, provided images illustrate so called space fabric composed by an interactive energy within specific stimuli. Energy, as been said in previously articles, is propagating its properties in variety of densities, spectrum as well.

Space is defined by an energy … .

Fabric of space from subatomic energy/molecular animations project its imprint, take a look … .

Biological Blueprint of the Universe vs General Relativity vs the Theory of Curved Space … .

Everything within Universe is in motion, yet, entire Universe is spinning as well. Images provide not only tangible clues, but prove that entire Universe is animated by the notion of Universal unification. Energy split inflate and the inflation is projecting space, yet, expansion of energy, read Universe, will result in deflation as well as compression of an energy where “infinite Universe” will shrink to the size of the pinhead … .

What we see and experience is inflated energy, its potential, yet, an energy will shrink along with Space, to unify once again … .

(Images;Wikipedia, MJW; fingerprint, seashell, wood board at Bedzin Royal Castle, the Solar System, ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, Galaxies).

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Image  5106
endoplasmic reticulum
Spiral Galaxy NGC 5194 and Galaxy NGC 5195





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