The Paramount Law of Transformation B;ological Blueprint of the Universe Spac3 Program Since 1452. Formation of Universe vs Resonant Waves vs Intuitive Scientific Paradigm … .

Intuitive Science … .


Paradigm; does intuitive science exist after all ? Certainly, yet, in some instance is Divine. Intuitive science is explainable; in precisely Quantified Paradigm of projected progression Resonant Waves are mirroring  approximations (Mirroring as Well Universal Symmetry)

Energy vs matter = 3D Space is creating patterns, approximations in any given scale of projection from subatomic to the progression of settlement in Bedzin Castle Mount where organic energetic and molecular projection define reality.

This example, complete, is illustrating Intelligent Design, beyond any doubt, that Universe is propelled by science, proven, yet, simple in complexities.

Intuitive Science_edited-1


Illustration provided (Mr. W. Blaszczyk, “Bedzin przez Wieki”) is showing settlement projected progressions, cellular automation in given scale of progression beyond nano scale, yet, can we differentiate nano scale  from subsequent projection ? Certainly not. Quantified Universe is mirroring approximations in any given scale of projections… .

intuitive scoence 1_edited-1

Next, cellular projected progression;

(Image: Wikipedia)
early human embryos

Next, Resonant Waves, as well as  string paradigm explaining why some species (remember train article), despite high sophistication, do not cross certain boundaries, yet, some develop beyond limits of potential, the answer is >< Intelligent Design;

(Image: Bedzin Royal Castle 😉

Another example illustrating the notion discussed in my articles to date;

(Image: Wikipedia)

xpanded circle of fifths Kolo Kwintowe

Next; Universal Settlement within Quantified Projected Progressions;

(Image; Wikipedia)


What than is science ? Science is an art of rediscovering self within all projected phenomenons … .

(Image: Wikipedia)



formula b_edited a





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