The Paramount Law of Transformation B;ological Blueprint of the Universe Spac3 Program Since 1452. Formation of Universe … .

Degree of projected temperatures, de facto, quantified progressions in any given scale define density. Temperature is associated with quantified energy potential, as well as energy interactive, yet, molecules, from nano scale project electric charge . Temperature is releasing energy, electricity, yet, electricity is producing temperature.

Universal initiation sequence within compatible opposites, manifest complexity in simplicity, yet, subsequently, data of complexity become quantified in expanding/inflating 3D Space/energy. W=Exact phenomenon is observable within Biological Blueprint of the Universe. 

Universal Matrix;

Resonant Waves are recorded as molecular imprint within wood boards at Royal Castle in Bedzin, human brain, yet, in any given scale, including mitochondria, ribosomes, de facto, in nano-scale to subsequent projected progressions in 3D Space.

(images: Wikipedia, Internet, MJW)


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