The Paramount Law of Transformation B;ological Blueprint of the Universe Spac3 Program Since 1452. Formation of Universe … .

The miracle of the awakening vs The Spiral of Fifths Cellular Division … .

Compatible Opposites = Energy Potential vs Energy Interactive

Spectrum of Light is virtually teaching molecules (via absorption) to perform via temperature, motion and fine fragmentation of densities, de facto quantified projections, yet, what we learn from Universe is precise replication and mirrored within social approximations, interactions … .

Perceptual Energy (quantified perception).

Molecular perception vs spectrum of light = Biological perception vs spectrum of light.

Perceptual energy is also fragmented ;

Static/potential perception vs Dynamic/interactive perception.

Relation between energy and matter is translated within biological projected performance;

Compatible Opposites = Energy Potential vs Energy Interactive.

What shaped Universe ?

Intelligent Design; compatible opposites; interactive energy vs matter.


Energy Potential vs Energy Interactive vs Matter vs Interactive Matter vs Energy Interactive … .

Does phenomenon of “word” represent energy ?

Certainly, because project interactive animation, de facto, coupling between energy and matter.

Energy interactive vs energy potential vs coupling between interactive energy and matter … .

3D Space vs Math.

Energy equals space, either potential or animated projection, yet, singularity of number translate quantified model embedded in 3D Space; 1 is projected from 3D interactive energy and matter (mind), yet, sequential number reflect 3D Space. Mathematical language translate energy vs matter vs energy within compatible opposite into simplified language, de facto, translation, yet, geometry illustrate infinite potential of Intelligent Design.

Motion of Objects Including Spin.

Motion of objects is determined by relation between interactive energy vs matter,

and subsequently lensing within resonant waves in 3D Space.


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