The Paramount Law of Transformation B;ological Blueprint of the Universe Spac3 Program Since 1452 The miracle of the awakening vs The Spiral of Fifths Cellular Division … .

Cellular computation via energy/molecular Resonant Waves, as well as lensing in 3D Quantified Space is the engine of cellular-molecular division.


DNA/seeds is the force of transformation-transition from energy potential to energy interactive, yet, showing another important property, selective absorbtion within Selective Cellular Computation, possible due to the compatibility of energy vs matter.

Spectrum of light, temperature, motion/spin is propelling molecular growth from subatomic level to any given projected progression (via alignment). Alignment with regard to energy vs matter (motion) represent  paramount property with regard to Universal transformation.

Quantified Resonant Waves, biological projection of progression is the most potent, to date, with regard to molecular performance within Universe, beside aware energy, yet, biological super efficiently perform computation with regard to potential energy/molecules vs interactive computation of energy/molecules.

DNA (seeds) represent, de facto, data, Universal information bridge between energy and matter.

In addition, DNA/Seeds is, de facto, the platform,  which provide design, while propelling transformations.

Cellular replication is non existent, yet, cellular projected progression into unique approximation define species.

Vitruvian Man A


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