The Paramount Law of Transformation B;ological Blueprint of the Universe Spac3 Program Since 1452 The miracle of the awakening. Quantum Mechanics and other Miracles …

The miracle of the awakening.   

Quantum Mechanics and other Miracles … 

Universal Echo; since initiation sequence along with resonant waves in 3D Space occurred, de facto, spectrum of light and temperature, electric charge (compatible opposites) which is essential with regard to transformation sequence, all of that is inflating itself, as well as inanimate matter, which represent fraction of space prior to great inflation.

early  human embryos

Universe is a composed of two distinct phenomenons;

Interactive energy and inanimate matter (light vs darkness or hot light vs cold light vs compatible opposites), which represent frame of transformation within which simplicities are structured into complexities, de facto, patterns in 3D Space.


Initiation sequence simplified progression; plasma, spectrum of light, 3D Space, densities.

Progression of Universe; human being represent classic example, while animating entire sequence; interactive energy (sperm), inanimate, energy potential (egg), womb. In this instance we could observe projected progression in real time, including inflation, transition from “simple” into parallel and compatible complexity, yet, entire sequence is defined by Intelligent Design.

early human embryos

Subsequently we could observe another parallel phenomenon; the scale of Universal expansion, yet, man and woman translate to us the notion, proximity, of Universal kinetics between interactive and inanimate, at the moment, when a new sequence of projected transformations is progressing.

early  human embryos development

Quantum Mechanics Lab; “MW”.

Interactive energy (Man) vs Inanimate energy (Woman).
Interactive energy (sperm)) vs Inanimate energy potential (egg).

Life is composed of sequential projection of energy vs matter, where compositions of fundamental, few elements, within subatomic projections, define unlimited possibilities, including potential. Atoms along with all known and unknown elements, where slight differences with regard to inner nano-compositons define matter along with its varieties.

The definition, proximity, of reality translate limited singularities into progression of unlimited projections within nano scale.

Quantum mechanics is scalable, where mirroring, as well as symmetrical echo within 3D Space, is distinctly unique (example; human society).

Vitruvian Projection; there are two distinct, yet, compatible persons, man and a woman.

Vitruvian Man A


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