Touchless invigilation/tortures include …

Touchless invigilation/tortures include;

– sounds from repeatedly passing by vehicles (honking), screeching tires, blowing nose, coughs, ER vehicles in close proximity (thousands of times same sequence)
– encounters; same location by same or specific looking people
– colors, mostly yellow and recently light green
– frequencies; dizziness, problems with orientation, speech
– persistent criticism and inflicting a sense of guilt; children, career, sense or being worthless, unfulfilled and skipped

– comments repeatedly about crimes, horrific scenes, very graphic
– aggression; verbal, discouragement and encounters with perpetrators at the same location day after day, for example while on a route to work, slamming door
– persistent disruption of relaxation, meditation, following up, following to the park and causing disruptions, excessive noises or even smells
– approaching from behind; noises, often violent commotion
– suicide; repeatedly and daily dose of violent gestures, as well as comments
– discouragement to attend work, church, family or even shopping
– persistent denial to perform, marginalization with regard to society and typical activities 

-persistent pressure to stop making comment about a state of affairs.

The state of touchless tortures;…/United-Nations-Human-Rights-Counci…

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.


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