War in Heaven ? Nah … .

This is true face of Jesus, accuracy of his image is based on modern science (NASA) … .

Beautiful face, isn’t it ?

People who abused his image and symbols, who, de facto, tarnished cult of Jesus Christ now are aiming at Mary, Mother of God, while prosecuting innocent and defenceless people like myself, families, children, while at the same time recalling name and even devotion toward Mother of God.

Dear friends, there is no war in heaven, yet, there is a war between good and evil, fierce, up to the point where entire Christian faith is at stake.

One man at the time, one family at the time, one community at the time, became a subject of prosecutions, same system is applied toward degradation of devotion, degradation of the very essence of Christian faith … .

In Christian world, denying Jesus is denial of rules, ethical rules which resonate with compassion and empathy, justice and equality, just society and progress based on mutual respect. Jesus have suffered so you don’t have to, clear message, indeed, yet, His message is happiness and fulfillment in breathtakingly decorated world. God have created world for you, so you would feel abundant in every sense, spiritual, health, material possessions, otherwise, why would He create the world so beautiful and abundant. Why would He put so much effort, just to prove it you are worthless and destined to inflict suffering on each other ? Of course not.

Look around, observe nature and Universe and You will see beauty created for you, for every man and woman, every child on Earth, for every generation…

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.


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