The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Quantum Universe vs Quantum Mechanics … .

Molecular Lens vs Fabric of Space …

As provided illustrations are eloquently showing, transformation of energy (dispersion) project unique possibilities. Once resonant waves or even singular atoms are passing through  precise varieties of densities (similar properties as prism), de facto, molecular lens within Universe, than infinite patterns are being formed, from a “singular source” multiplied by varieties of molecular lenses in vast space.

Molecular Lenses = Variety of Densities within Resonant Waves … 

Molecular lenses are, de facto, densities of energy, matter,  within resonant waves.

Prismatic dispersion waves progress into patterns as shown on recorded patterns at Bedzin Castle wood samples (assembled after 1952).

Once you enter on a 3rd floor your virtual journey in space, Universe become a phenomenon projected and progressing in real frame of sequence … .

Compatibility of resonant waves as well as patterns within varieties of molecular lenses is implemented via Intelligent Design.

Light dispersion waves

(image: Wikipedia)

Map of the Universe  (44)

(image; MJW, Bedzin Royal Castle)

Spectrum of light, resonant waves are passing through varieties of universal molecular lenses, within  densities of energy and matter, and subsequently complex and logical patterns emerge within vicinity of anticipated projection of progression, similar, yet, always unique… .

Quantum Mechanics Spin


magn field

images (3)



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