The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Quantum Universe vs Quantum Mechanics vs Spin …

To: Mr. Robert Laglands
Quote: “is there beauty in mathematical theories?” and other issues.

Projection of progression in 3D space manifest superior engineering within interaction between energy and matter (MJW).

In addition, mirror symmetry (doesn’t exist) is de facto perceptual within scale of projection of progression. If we would quantified both phenomenons, different worlds would emerge (micro vs macro)(MJW).

Communication between numbers is non existent, yet, the communication between ideas projected in 3 D space is translated into numerical, geometrical, resonant waves.
Example; any form of projected action has its source in 3D space, yet, is translated into resonant waves (verbal communication; internal and external)) and than into algebraic, geometric (3D) language. Communication, by the definition, is logical manifestation of superior abilities (MJW).

Hidden Dimensions of the Universe; this phenomenon is projected in micro vs macro world as well as biological existence in any given scale from DNA as well as social interactions(MJW).

Motion: motion represent de facto  ritual of Intelligent Design in any given projected scale. Motion by the definition represent advanced progression, read transformation between energy and matter, molecules. In this instance both navigate toward complete unification. Motion of destined for performance because manifest the essence with regard to orientation of matter vs energy which transforms matter, itself (MJW).

Witness of life; performance of Intelligent Design within projected transformation between energy and molecules, which represent infinity in all transitions known as well as potential (MJW).

String Theory; classic, essential path of progression within projected background. Example; train with people in it vs external environment. All phenomenons are in unified progression, yet, vector of progression varies, and this example illustrate while some advanced previously forms of biological existence never crossed barriers of progression vs path/vector of projected progression designed and destined for ultimate performance (human vs dinosaurs vs apes) where similarities are common, yet, performance is diversified and varies. All races are formulated string paradigm of progression, designed to maximize (dynamic) performance, while similarities represent static progression or none. Quantified Universe within Intelligent Design is destined for performance, yet, some performers are superior and represent unlimited potential within 3D space, yet, 3D space is an energy vs matter (MJW).

Why Universe is as is; DNA project entire sequence of progression where molecules, read information in 3D (energy), manifest Intelligent Design. This is a structure of reality. Reality is energy vs matter vs orientation/navigation vs source of transformation, where the source of transformation is energy (MJW).

Quantum Mechanics Spin


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