Aiming to push over the limits of self respect, disgust with life, as well as profound push toward dislike of Divinity and the people.

Mark J. Wagner 10 mins ·
Today, while returning from work I experienced sudden change in an entire system: at first my emotional state was dramatically elevated and later my body started to shiver, and than was kind of numb. Entire intellectual pattern, concentration was disrupted, as well as inability to focus.

I addition my site was also severely disrupted, I could not read or even understand what I am reading. This sensation started about 16:25 and lasted until 18:00, yet, my entire system is still in kind of shock. My notes, book was submitted today from earlier made observations, before I was poisoned last week.

The tormentors invented entire set of professional tactics, poisoning, threat about jail and imprisonment as well as unemployment, sounds (saw, cars, coughs), sudden approaches, buses in the morning along with passing by people, vulgar behavior and expressions, verbal violence in close proximity, alienation, putting me in a situation alone while suffering severe symptoms, to feel and experience rejection.

Invigilation is intense still on a train, at the train station, and other locations. Women play fundamental role is this hellish spectacle; spying, recording, coordinating approaches with people while point at me when for example conversation is about WWII or SS. Inflicting a sense of unreasonable guilt became intense and repeatable pattern in a last 6 years during which Polish establishments is allegedly profiting. There is not other explanation that the Polish establishments is behind all of that, and conducting death trap game, while hunting and eliminating people like myself, yet, buying comfort of those who can afford to pay (allegedly).

Another important development now on a rise, yet, implemented before, is setting up people from around the world, Asians, Latino, English, people with German accent or Ukrainians, Gypsy, Americans. Those people either make strange gesticulations or expressions. Its is like a movie, coordinated and played according to script. I am being a subject of extreme violent experimentation by Polish authorities for years aiming to push over the limits of self respect, disgust with life, as well as profound push toward dislike of Divinity and the people.

Poland please stop allowing to torment innocent and vulnerable people. Poland is better than this kind of Nazi/Gestapo tactics.

Unclassified documents 2000. Frightening accounts of modern reality, where man becomes degraded and stripped from free will, free choice. Unclassified documents, clearly, in my opinion, illustrate technology at its worst scenario. Man is programmable by the modern applications of science and technol…

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