The Paramount Law of Transformation. Bilological Blueprint of the Universe. Letter to MIT and Mr. Max Tegmark

To: MIT 

Mr. Max Tegmark

In a new edition of your book (think page 176, Proszynski & Ska;…) I have found interesting reference about Universe and… Biological Blueprint of the Universe ( updated this year).

I would like to ask MIT including Mr. Max Tegmark to critique my papers, available on the Internet;…/The-Paramount-Law-of-Transformatio… (files were sent in previous months, yet, book/papers are still developing).

Title: The Paramount Law of Transformation.
B;ological Blueprint of the Universe.
The Law of Everything … .

Author: Marek “Mark” J. Wagner
Rights to the book disclosed within the book.

I will be honored and privileged for the opportunity to be critiqued by the professional and prominent organization such as MIT or other scientific community/organization. My intention is to promote my perspective on this matter; The Law of Everything; Biological Blueprint of the Universe. Book is developing, yet, each article is an integral part of the whole, written by me since 2005 and collected and expanded since 2011.

I am genuinely fascinated by the Universe, profoundly embraced by the awareness of quantified relationship between man and the Universe, yet, both phenomenons are virtually the same.

Fragmentation of my book, without authorization would break my heart, yet, would not compromise my faith in human race, Intelligent Design in particular. After countless hours of thinking and anticipating all options, Universe is intelligent, I find, beyond any possibility of “chance”, yet, implemented sequence is logically divine as any tangible partition of information would be considered; logical sequence does not occur by itself.

As a man of reason, I understand that Issue of Intelligent Design is putting me with severely limited options, yet, fairness served or non served would undermine the very foundation of Universal physical paradigm with regard to Quantum Universe; rules are ought be obeyed and respected.

Please accept my sincere and humble manifestation of admiration to the staff at MIT I genetically admire. By the way, as I have said in my book, Genetics is the science of the Universe, entire science; Universe is without doors.

Best regards,
Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

Spac3 Program Since 1452. Quantum Universe. The Trinity of the Design. Reality vs Energy vs Matter vs Memory vs Space … .


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