Financial Times vs PiS: Consolidation of power … .

To; US Government
Polish Government

Today I’ve read information posted on Internet about Mr. J. Kaczynski, Chairman of PiS talking to Financial Times.

Mr. Kaczynski, 8 years demand is troubling from the perspective of democracy.

I posted and submitted countless messages to Your attention as well as Government; no answer or comment since 2010.

Based on the record, Your circle of influence is associated with murder plot against my person, in USA and subsequently in Poland; details available for your review and assessment:

* murder plot
* discrimination
* emotional abuse and tortures
* policies targeting good name as well as profiling
* policies targeting good name of Poland while compromising national future
* fabrications and labeling.

Since PiS took over situation is not improving, yet, is getting complex and very dangerous, day after day.

Best Regards,
Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner Consolidation of power with regard to Jewish as well as Christian power brokers brought to knees entire world not long ago, including Jews and Christians, yet, produced so much suffering on my family, children in particular in recent times.

If I’m incorrect please post your comment … .

What’s next … .

Mark J. Wagner

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