Mr. Walesa vs National Unity … .

As I have been said all along; man is a product of times and circumstances, human is a product of system, mechanism of power, where an individual has no chance to stand against power and unlimited resources, unless is prepared for the ultimate sacrifice.

Despite personal trauma of Mr. Walesa and the family, recent development also have negative social implications, distrust, undermine trust and unity so fragile in Poland.

Mr. Walesa there is a power which is using people, all of us, we are nothing more, than a tangible path to get what this power wants. In this sad affair, all sides are victimized, no one is spared from degradation and losses, yet, the most affected is Poland as a nation and the country.

I pray for you and your family. Let’s pray for unity among Poles, national unity.

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

There is no Saint without sin, yet, there is no sinner who did not manifested virtues and compassion, the difference is; how to progress from sin, and how to progress from exclusive compassion toward universal virtues … .

Lech Wałęsa (/ˌlɛk vəˈwɛnsə/ or /wɔːˈlɛnsə/; Polish: [ˈlɛx vaˈwɛ̃sa] ( listen);[1][2] born 29 September 1943) is a Polish politician, trade union organizer, philanthropist and human rights activist. A charismatic leader, he co-founded Solidarity (Solidarność), the Soviet bloc’s first independent tra…

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