The Paramount Law of Transformation. B;ological Blueprint of the Universe. Spac3 Program Since 1452. Quantum Universe. The Trinity of the Design. Univ3rsal Quantum L5nguage. Density vs Data. Resonant Waves; Gravity. Electro & Magnetic Engine. 3D Space. Reusable Universe … .

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Revive 3D Reusable Universe … .

Space, what it is ?
The phenomenon we describe as Space;

Matter + Energy = 3D Space

Molecules are everywhere, yet, energy is infinite … .
Yet, both are the same incarnation of the same.

How the world is built; Universe (Space) is a machine projecting of reality via molecules and energies … .

Initiation sequence, so called Big Bang, according to the Paramount Law of Transformation, Biological Blueprint of the Universe, is parallel with awakening of energy via resonant waves, which reached anticipated threshold. Awakening manifest aware projection of progression toward higher order, from potential to interactive. Same phenomenon is observable in human being.
Interplay between Matter and Energy is observable in biological progression, de facto, profoundly in humans … .

In poetic description, Universe was, de facto, in a stage of sleep, “inanimate matter”, prior to Initiation Sequence.

We can assume that Universe is expanding and shrinking, and the present state of Universal affairs is one of subsequent, perhaps world hibernation before awakening is more accurate … .

We have determined that energy is everywhere either in molecular potential or interactive or both, emptiness is non existent, but density plays essential role with regard to interaction between energy and matter, inanimate and animate, potential and interactive space.

If space would be filled with higher degree of density, than it would crystallize and form a 3D solid matter ( snow flakes for example or solid dense mass). That’s why background inanimate space is extremely low density and nearly neutral, yet, as everything within Universe, as we know it, represent energy potential … .

Awakening of Man = Awakening of Universe
from static/potential to interactive projection = from potential to interactive projection.

All phenomenons project its properties within 3D space, the only difference is a stage of expansion/inflation of energy/matter or reversed mode, compression (via resonant waves).

Energy vs Matter manifest Sanctified in Unity, yet, Universe is reusable engine of projected reality … .

Awakened by the force, de facto, energy, resonant waves … .
Matter is subjected to energy, energy predominates matter, yet, energy is guiding the molecules and is subjected to reversed transformation.

Similarities are common, de facto, illustrate physical laws, which are present in all states of density, as well as interaction between an energy vs matter.

Universe was awakened, revived by the energy into animate projection of progression, yet, man is also awakening from a stage we call sleep, inertness into interactive projection … .

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.



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