Enigma vs The Law of Everything … .

Diplomats say Poland’s key part in the deciphering the German system of codes in WWII has largely been overlooked
Mark J. Wagner
Mark J. Wagner I would like to make a point about this particular affair; traditionally Polish establishment doesn’t protect its own citizens, de facto, for centuries. Decades have passed by and apparently momentum as well, yet, clarification at this time is better than nothing.

I wrote the book; The Law of Everything, yet, Polish authorities behave, well, “traditionally”, while allowing to take, bit by bit what is being written in this revolutionary book, even worse, book is completely blocked with regard to publishing or promotion: http://www.scribd.com/…/The-Paramount-Law-of…

I wrote letters to Ministry of Culture in Poland, local decisionmakers, result, well as in the article about Enigma, yet, the momentum is what’s counts.

I am asking for nothing more but publishing, book will defend itself … .

Marek “Mark” J. Wagner

Mark J. Wagner

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