The Holy Grail; The Gift of the Last Supper. The Gift of Love … .

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For centuries hunt for the Holy Grail is fierce and dramatic, while some were violently killed, others went through the scheme of deprivation of dignity, pathology, rape, even trade of DNA.

Appeal to the Global Community; please refrain from any form of violence and discrimination. Tracking the Holy Grail, abuse, blackmail for personal, and even national gain, physical and emotional tortures are proven, documented, unjust. This state of affairs is dated for 2000 years… .

Spiritual gift is a gift of love, and love is embedded in Peace toward all, even tormentors, who, for some reason, manifest negative emotions.

Peace is the way, as the Gift of Love … .

The Gift of Love was meant to be embraced, while trusting in good faith, yet, safety of The Holy Grail … .

The beauty of the Gift is an extension of the Gift of Love, eternal, even after enormous carnage. Yet, Gift of Love was meant to dwell; I am giving You the most precious Gift ever; The Gift of Love … .

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