Mr. Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko the President of Ukraine. Mr. Walter Frank Steinmayer Foreign Minister of Germany … .

Mr. Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko the President of Ukraine.
Mr. Walter Frank Steinmayer Foreign Minister of Germany.

Mr. President, once You took over the office many people anticipated positive change.

As much as I respect Ukrainians and You Mr. President, I would like to ask You, humbly, to refrain from any misleading statements, which target Poles, Ukrainians and even religious sensitivity.

Apparently, as shown on picture next to You (blurred), there are people out there, to whom notion of sanctity is non existent; sacraments, family, children, Polish pride, Christian faith, Ukraine, USA, hard work, nothing is perceived as sacred, even worse, on the ashes of sacred they built the influence and power. I am a living proof.

Submitted images are selectively picked, and do not reflect your true posture, same as its been done with me in USA, and now in Poland.

I believe you are great men, yet, I am asking, humbly, both of you, knowing that Ukrainians and Germans are often stuck in wrong turns with regard to geopolitical decisions, please don’t make same mistakes as its been done in the past; for example Mr. Lenin, Mr. Bandera, Ribbentrop-Molotov. The cost of bad decisions will never be estimated, as suffering can not be rationalized.

I believe that there is a mechanism where Germany, Poland, Ukraine are, de facto, experimental nations; conclusion is simple and evident, all mentioned always suffer, badly, yet those who navigate the politics enjoy benefits; WWI, WWII, Iraq, severe damages caused by so called Climatic War, and Regional Conflicts, are propelling wealth, de facto, blood money, so called reconstruction.

In recent years, well, decades consolidation of power which is controlled by Jewish leaders under different label, is rising a question; Quo Vadis Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Christians, Jews.

We know from history that no one is spared even Jews, millions of them perished. We know that history require revision, urgently.

We know that Poland became a Promised Land, yet, not for Poles, that’s why Poland was severely affected by wrong decisions, yet, calculated to waste as many as possible before the end of WWII, same as Germans, yet, those people knew that Warsaw Uprising is futile and will cause irreversible ethnic changes, urban devastation, while stealing the future of people, who used to live on this land for 150 000 years. Please also take into account that a large portion of Germany are also inhabited be Slavic people.

Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, all countries mentioned were destined for devastating wars. How many Poles, Germans, Ukrainians, Russians survived the war. Who suffered the least ?

I am asking for nothing more; common sense Gentleman, and don’t let play heartless minds and hearts with your future and reputation.

What’s in common between Germany and Ukraine and Poland, Russia ?

Future, free of blood and prejudice. Perhaps now is the time to say those who winding up another carnage; get l… , and do it yourself.
Sometimes even in wrinkle free diplomacy you’ve got to be heard.
Poles desire Peace, Germans desire peace, Ukrainians desire Peace, Russians desire peace, yet, without thrashing national pride, symbols, traditions.

Mr. Walter, Mr. Peter, please stop raping Poland even in remote plans and false visions.

God Bless Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, yet, those who follow a path where sanctity is non existent, human life is also worthless.

I hope that Germans, Ukrainians, Poles, Russians, and Jews representing different political, national, religious labels will support non violent Europe and the World. Count me in on this vision… .

Marek “Mark’ J. Wagner

Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.
Mark J. Wagner's photo.

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